Tuesday, May 02, 2006

OTN: Hanne Falkenberg Lastrada

When I first saw Lastrada I loved it, all the more so because it was available in large sizes. I couldn't wait until the kit arrived from Kangaroo in England, and when I opened it up, my first reaction was disappointment. The colors of the yarn didn't look at all like the colors on the screen. They were much more muted and earthy than the colors on my monitor - or, for that matter, the colors on the photo that came with the kit. What I thought would be blue (maybe because it was called "blueberry" ) was actually gray, and what I thought would be a light camel-ish is a very dark brownish yellow. But the colors seem to work together, so I plunged ahead.

My second moment of horror came when the instructions started with "Cast on 501 stitches." 501??? It wasn't a misprint - the sweater is made in two pieces, with the front, sleeve, and half the back on each part. You cast on the stitches across the bottom (front and half the back) plus the stitches that form the vertical front edge. The design is brilliant... but at no time could I visualize how this was going to fit together! Only after I got to the first sleeve and was struggling to figure out the directions was I able to try it on and see that it was going to work.

I'm still not sure I am doing the sleeve correctly. But I knit on, in the hopes that, like the main part, it will all come together at the end. Let's hope the frog pond is not in my travel plans.


Ana said...

Oh my your description of "I knit on" was exactly the way I felt. Hanne Falkenbergs designs are very unique and scary to knit. You have to totally trust. On size 3 needles this is a major commitment. But at the end so far what I have knitted has been worth it.

Happy Knitting,

Clare said...

That will look gorgeous when it's done! I have to hand to you though, over 500 stitches---Brave woman!