Sunday, August 19, 2007

Swan Lake Update

Here is Swan Lake, displayed as worn by the best available model:

I'm sorry I doubted Melanie's design – right up to the moment of draping it over the hanger. I really wasn't sure about the "asymmetry thing."

Pattern: Swan Lake Stole ("Mystery Stole 3) by Melanie Gibbons
Yarn: Colourmart Smooth Silk 8/56NM, doubled, 220 gm
Needles: Addi Lace Needles size 3.75 (US #5)
Size: 23" x 85"

According to Melanie's description of the pattern, the pointed end begins with the traditional Wings of the Swan lace pattern, which splits in half and continues up the sides of the point and along the edges of the first two thirds of the stole as a border... In the ballet, "there are several dances by the swan maidens, but this one is done by four dancers, each holding to the next one, moving in unison doing the pas de chat step. Pas de Chat means literally step of the cat, so using the Cat’s Paw lace design seemed natural in this stole. The final third of the stole is a wing. It obviously fits as the swan part of the theme, but the single wing with the more formal first part of the stole also alludes to Odette’s cursed existence as both swan and princess."


If you haven't seen the ballet recently, here is an excerpt with Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn:


and an excerpt from an alternative version by the Rudolf Nureyev and Miss Piggy:

and another from the extraordinary Ballet Trockadero:

Added at 7:15 PM:
In response to a comment, here is a picture of the back of the stole:


s b said...

Wow--that is wonderful!!! I love the yarn/color combo you chose--it's amazing to think you knitted this "blind". The results are beautiful!

Alison said...

**thankyou** for this post. I, too, am doubting Melanies design. I'm halfway through clue 6, and like you, I like both sections, but am not yet sure of them together. But after seeing your finished stole draped, I have the 'courage' to carry on!

Soo said...

The colour is gorgeous - really really elegant.

Don't know how Melanie can top this next year!

May said...

This looks great. I'm more convinced than ever I'll make the wing. I was quite behind and figure I'll watch and see. I'd love to see a photo of the back of the model too?

Penny said...

WOW. That is beautiful. I'm inspired to keep going and one day finish. I did well for the first two clues and then the summer got to me. It is a great design! Thank you for knitting really fast! :)

Anonymous said...

Utterly stunning! Many thanks for sharing, especially showing it draped - makes a change from showing it flat and now I can figure out how it looks being worn. I love colourmart yarns so it was extra nice to see MS3 done in one.
Judith, Canberra, Australia

KnitYoga said...

Looks beautiful and very sophisticated looking in that colourway. Like you I was dubious, even when blocking, but it does make all the difference and all becomes much clearer when it's viewed draped/as worn.

annmarie said...

beautiful work, Joyce! I really need to finish my own (if I could just put the Bee Fields aside for a bit!). :)

Amelia said...

That is beautiful! I am still working on mine I'm just not sure I like the WING I just keep looking at it and I worry.


Bogie said...

Beautiful! Your stole looks lovely--and thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.

Archiknist said...

Gorgeous! I love this size too--maybe I'll make a second one (perhaps the 2 wing version?) with slightly heavier yarn!

Kim in NJ said...

I've been very uncertain about whether to knit the wing or not. In fact, I'd pretty much decided not to. But yours is so pretty with it, you're giving me second thoughts!

N. Maria said...

Your stole is beautiful!
I had the same feelings about the design....I love it now...absolutely love it.