Thursday, April 27, 2006

What? You don't have a blog?

"What? You don't have a blog???" I guess it's finally time to join the 21st century and start my own blog. So here I am.

The Reluctant Penguin? As someone who is always cold but always finding herself in cold environments (like my house in the winter or over-air-conditioned buildings in the summer), I took on the nom de plume of Reluctant Penguin many years ago. It seemed like a good persona for my blog, especially after falling in love with REAL penguins in South America and Antarctica on several trips in the past few years.

My recent preoccupation with knitting (after a many-year hiatus) was another reason to start a blog. Several knitting blogs have served as sources of inspiration, encouragement, and assistance with a variety of projects. Maybe this one will be of some interest or help to other people!

My focus will be on knitting projects - though I may not be able to resist talking about our travels from time to time.

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Clare said...

Love the site! The multidirectional scarf is fantastic! Clare